We're rebuilding work-life boundaries for your team

Team Buzz helps your team cultivate the culture of working without interruptions.  Let your team focus on - what's real. What's work. 


How It Works


Clockin with a smile

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Plan your day

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Do more with TeamBuzz

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Take your team's time sync to a whole new level

Invite your team on Team Buzz and sync effortlessly to align your clockin, focus, and creative time.

Observe your team's bandwidth & availability

Analyze your days/weeks and compare it with your team's to understand where you need to improve.  

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Block your focus time slots to work in peace

Create focus blocks every day in order to avoid people dragging you into unending meetings.

Letting you know, just in case.

Can I use Buzz by myself or do I need to invite my team?

Buzz works well for individual use, but becomes more powerful when used as a team. The more members of your team that sign up, the easier it becomes to share your work boundaries, focus blocks and coordinate with them.

How is Buzz different from just blocking time on my calendar?

At Buzz, we’re trying to bring some of the informal office conversations online. You can clock in with a selfie or an emoji to let your team know how you’re doing everyday. You can let your team know when you’re not to be disturbed, AFK or taking a tea break. You can also see all your team’s calendars in one screen, which lets you schedule informal chats with your team easily.

Is Buzz available for Office365?

Unfortunately, you can only sign-up to Buzz using your G Suite account. But please write to us at hello@myteambuzz.com and we will give you early access when we launch for O365.

Can I integrate other tools that I use for work?

Currently, you can integrate Slack with Buzz. We are working on integrating common tools like Jira, Asana and Trello next. If you would like to add to this list, please write to us at hello@myteambuzz.com.

How does the Slack integration work?

Once you link your Slack account, your Buzz statuses will start reflecting on Slack for your colleagues to see. We’re working on enabling users to initiate Slack calls from the Buzz app and to start reflecting Slack statuses on Buzz.

Can I add/follow people from organisations other than mine?

We are working on letting you do this, so that you can share your calendar with your spouse or housemates and let them know when you’re not to be disturbed. We’ll keep you posted once we roll this out.

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Since you're here already, we have a request to make. 

If you truly feel that someone needs these boundaries, you can refer Team Buzz to them and we'll send a super personalized invite on your behalf. Promise! 


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